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Exploring Information Technology LTI course lessons.

Microprocessor Artwork

This course is an introduction to the structure and operation of microprocessors used in computer and as controllers for today's electronic devices and systems. We will do hands-on experiments with basic microprocessor hardware including memories, registers, counters, input/output ports, decoders, and arithmetic logic, as well as machine language simulation and development on personal computers. An emphasis will be on interfacing to electronic hardware.

Network Technician

This laboratory course is designed give practical hands-on experience with a variety of computer network technologies by researching, designing, and building network applications which include both hardware and software. The lab experiments are based on a hardware kit with a small computer called the Raspberry Pi which runs the Linux operating system.  We will learn about how computer networks function, hardware interfacing to build Internet of things (IoT) devices, and programming using langauages like C, shell scripts, and Python.